Surroundings: Skiing areas

Do you love action and physical activity during winter months? The surroundings of our group accomodation offers optimal winter sports accomodations. Within 5 km of Auerbach you’ll find well maintained and extensive Langlauf routes in Beerheide and Schnarrtanne. Another route that’s near is Kammloipe, one of the longest and most beautiful routes along the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. If you’re looking for more action, there are popular ski slopes 15 km away. Klingental, Mühlleithen, Schöneck en Erlbach are known for their ski runs and snowboarding. Of course there are ski lifts on all slopes. These ski slopes are well reachable by train and bus from our hotel (Brochure ‘Auerbach. Natürlich im Vogtland’). The Vogtland Express stops at all large nature and ski areas, including Klingental, Schöneck and Oberwiesenthal.

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