Together in Vogtland is a quality group accomodation. Ideal for a family weekend or a conference. It is located in a former hotel with a view on the city and has the many conveniences of a hotel: seperate rooms with TV, showers and sanitary and there is a bar to enjoy the evening. For the children there is a nice room where they can enjoy themselves while others enjoy the entertainment facilities for adults.

In case you want to cook: there is a large kitchen to prepare food together. If you would like more luxury, it’s possible to have a local restaurant cater for diner and we can hire a cleaner who can do the laundry as well. For additional options or questions during your stay you can contact our house manager, who’ll let you enjoy your time undisturbedly.

Between the large rooms there are seperate gentleman’s and female toilets. Adjoining the dining room there is a kitchen including storage room. The kitchen offers enough space to cook for groups.

You can ask the house manager for board games, CDs, DVDs, pooling balls and dart arrows.

There are five childrens chairs, a child buggy and a stroller. Let us know if you want to make use of that.

All in all, in this accomodation everything is present for a lovely and unforgettable stay.