Conferences: Conveniences of the group accomodation

Of course this group accomodation in Germany has all expected conveniences. We welcome you in our clean rooms with character, TV, shower, sanitary and a bar to enjoy the evening at. Our wifi gives you internet access in the bar and common area. You can contact the house manager to ask the password. In front of the hotel there is sufficient parking space. We’ll take care of your breakfast and give you the opportunity to cook together in our large kitchen. If you’d like to have more luxury, it’s possible to ask a local restaurant to take care of the diner. We’d love to help organize drinks for your group too.
Also, we offer to hire a cleaner. In consultation with the house manager the common areas can be made clean on a daily basis and likewise the dishes can be done for you daily. For additional wishes and requests you can contact the house manager who’ll let you enjoy your stay without interruption.